Registration of MIME media type application/mxf

Thomas Edwards tedwards at
Fri Nov 4 17:15:12 CET 2005

This is a MIME media type registration for the Material Exchange Format
(MXF) standard of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

MXF is a standard wrapper format developed for the interchange of
audiovisual material, including both audiovisual essence and rich

MXF and the .mxf file extension are used by many broadcast and digital
cinema vendors today.  The standard definition can be found in SMPTE

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MIME media type name: application

MIME subtype name: mxf

Required parameters: none

Optional parameters: none

Encoding considerations: binary

Security considerations:

Application/mxf objects are not signed but may be partially encrypted
internally.  External security mechanisms must be employed to ensure
content confidentiality. MXF, through metadata extensions, may allow
executable code to be transferred in the file.  It is suggested that no
unauthenticated executables decoded from an MXF file be executed.  Some
compressed essence types carried in MXF may carry a risk that certain
pathological bitstreams could lead to potential denial-of-service
attacks against these essence decoders.

Interoperability considerations: 

        MXF provides a standard wrapping for a number of audio and video
essence types according to a number of different Operational Patterns
(OP).  Thus interoperability depends upon the MXF file decoder having
the capability to match the features of the MXF file encoder.  An
Application Specification (AS) can ensure that MXF encoders and decoders
can effectively interoperate.

Published specification: SMPTE 377M

Applications which use this media type:

       MXF is a wrapper for many types of audio and video essence types
in use by many applications in the broadcast and digital cinema

Additional information:

Magic number(s): none
File extension(s): .mxf
      Macintosh File Type Code(s): MXFF
      Object Identifier(s) or OID(s): none

Person & email address to contact for further information:

Thomas Edwards
email: tedwards at

Intended usage: COMMON

Author/Change controller:
Thomas Edwards      
e-mail: tedwards at


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