for review: draft -01 of application/samlmetadata+xml registration

Jeff.Hodges at Jeff.Hodges at
Tue Sep 21 19:28:07 CEST 2004

> There is now a third edition of XML. The reference section
> should be updated.

good catch, thanks.

> >Please see
> >for an overview of the intricities involved when a non-IETF organization
> >registers a MIME media type in the "standards tree" (aka "IETF
> >tree").
> Again, this document only applies to media types from W3C.

however, I think it's worthwhile for one from any non-ietf SDO to take a look 
at (u guys did a good job on it). So i've added an extra admonishment to the 
preface NOTE wrt this. Also note that the preface NOTE won't be sent to the 
iesg (unless someone thinks it'd add value to that submission), and the 
preface NOTE will be deleted when the reg's are copied into our (OASIS SSTC 
SAML) specs.



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