Registration for application/gdiff

ned.freed at ned.freed at
Thu Sep 16 17:47:34 CEST 2004

> I'm trying to register a MIME type officially for application/gdiff.
> This type was defined in a W3C NOTE several years ago:

> <>

> That Note defines the MIME type but apparently the authors never
> registered the MIME type with IANA.  Now we'd like to use gdiff in
> applications where we'd be using the MIME type so having it officially
> registered would be nice.   For example:

> <>
>   (try -04 if -03 turns up not found)

> I submitted the registration through the IANA web form a couple weeks
> ago but haven't gotten a response other than the automated form
> submission response.

AFAIK it hasn't been passed on to me as media types reviewer. But if it had
been I would have had to reject it; media types in the standards tree have to 
be handled by the IESG. Under the new rules it is OK for such a media type not
to be specified in an RFC, but there has to be a document with a proper
registration form somewhere and the IESG has to approve it.

> Is this smoothly underway or is there anything
> else I need to or can optionally do to help this registration out?

The document you refer to doesn't contain a registration form. As such,
it cannot be registered as is. I see two possibilities:

(1) Revise the document to contain a proper registration form and contact
    the IESG to have it approved as a media type specified in a W3C

(2) Revise the document as an I-D, adding a registration form, and have
    it published as an RFC.


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