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Reading the document and looking at the IANA database I noticed that the
media types do not include "data" and "control".


The current SDP draft has in section 9 


9.2.1  Media types ("media")
   The set of media types is intended to be small and SHOULD NOT be
   extended except under rare circumstances.  The same rules should
   apply for media names as for top-level MIME content types, and where
   possible the same name should be registered for SDP as for MIME.  For
   media other than existing MIME top-level content types, a
   standards-track RFC MUST be produced for a new top-level content type
   to be registered, and the registration MUST provide good
   justification why no existing media name is appropriate (the
   "Standards Action" policy of RFC 2434 [5].
   This memo registers the media types "audio", "video", "text",
   "application", "data" and "control".
So does it mean that in an RTP payload specification I will register a
payload type as application and use in SDP m line as data?
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