[AVT] Re: Comments on draft-freed-media-types-reg-01.txt

Colin Perkins csp at csperkins.org
Sat Sep 11 12:05:46 CEST 2004

On 10 Sep 2004, at 10:24, Rod.Walsh at nokia.com wrote:
> I recently had the please of reading and trying to use the I-D and it 
> is in very good shape. My "implementation experience" input is:
> * I understand that the standards track RFC for Standards Tree 
> registration can be a dedicated RFC (start life as a dedicated I-D) OR 
> included in the IANA considerations section of a "not dedicated" RFC. 
> Whether or not the latter case is allowed, please state this 
> explicitly (it's not so clear). I definitely support allowing the MIME 
> registration to be bundled with a wider purpose RFC as surely that's 
> what the IANA considerations sections are meant for anyway?

I hope so; this is how many RTP payload formats register their MIME 

> * It would be helpful to state whether or not the "bundled RFC" (and a 
> dedicated RFC) must use the syntax of the registration template or 
> whether it is sufficient to cover all those items (in the whole RFC or 
> specifically in the IANA considerations). As someone who has so far 
> not registered any MIME types, I couldn't say from 
> draft-freed-media-types-reg-01 whether the template is for a specific 
> communication to IANA only (e.g. in an email).

I believe the template MUST be used in all cases.

> * Which bring me to my final request, for a registration-newbie (like 
> me) the registration process is something of a black art and a newbie 
> does not know what action they must take. Does RFC Editor queue entry 
> OR standards track RFC publication OR email from RFC author actually 
> initiate the IANA registration process for Standards Tree? (i.e. does 
> the individual or the IETF have to translate the I-D/RFC into a 
> request to IANA?)

The RFC Editor and IANA co-ordinate to ensure that registrations take 
place during the RFC publication process.  The author doesn't need to 
contact the IANA directly.


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