publication of FITS MIME Internet-Draft

Steve Allen sla at
Fri Sep 10 17:12:06 CEST 2004

In accordance with the recommendation of the International
Astronomical Union FITS Working Group (IAUFWG) I have requested that
the Internet-Draft with the name
be considered for publication as an Informational RFC.

This Internet-Draft specifies two new top-level MIME media types,
image/fits and application/fits
The shepherd, Scott Hollenbeck, points out the requirement
that IETF-Types be involved.

Please review the content of <draft-allen-fitsmime-00.txt>
and the two media type applications within it.

Thank you.

Background information:

The process by which this document gained IAUFWG approval is
visible at

The archives of the IAUFWG are visible via

The charter given to me by the IAUFWG is visible in the archives at

The vote results indicating unanimous approval for submission is at

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