draft-freed-mime-p4-04 is apparently superseded by..

ned.freed at mrochek.com ned.freed at mrochek.com
Sun Sep 5 16:45:58 CEST 2004

> Many thanks for your clarifications.

> Is there anything we can do to move draft-freed-media-type-reg-01.txt forward?
> You say that it will got to last call 'once it has been determined that
> the various issues have been dealt with in a satisfactory way'. Who will
> make this determination, and when?

The final determination will be made by the IESG, as always. However, I
also expected some discussion of the document by the AVT folks by now;
AFAIK this hasn't happened yet.

> Also, you refer to some concerns regarding text/red and related
> types. Can you provide pointers to these discussions? (You refer
> to the change log in draft-freed-media-type-reg-01.txt, and I
> have looked though it, but it is not clear which changes are
> related to the text/red concerns, and which changes are separate.)

Sorry, since this came up during IESG document approval discussions it has
mostly happened off-list. However, there has been plenty of discussions of this
and other, similar media types on the AVT list; you might want to read over
those archives to get a sense of where this is coming from.


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