Please review: DRAFT Reg of application/samlassertion+xml

Jeff.Hodges at Jeff.Hodges at
Thu Sep 2 21:32:45 CEST 2004

> At 09:06 04/09/01 -0700, Jeff.Hodges at wrote:
> >For an overview of the intricities involved when a non-IETF organization
> >registers a MIME media type in the "standards tree" (aka "IETF tree"),
> >please see
> Please note that this page is written and intended only for media
> types from the W3C. This has been clarified in the title.
> It is mainly concerned about synchronizing the W3C Recommendation
> Process and the media type registration, and is based on discussion
> between W3C and IETF. Other organizations have different processes,
> and it is dangerous for them to base on the above document.

Your concern is appreciated, thanks. However, I do clearly say "overview", and 
I believe that your webpage is salient and worth investigating for those folks 
who are wearing hat(s) of non-IETF stds dvlp org(s) and wishing to register 
MIME media types, if only to use as a model for determining and documenting 
the process relative to their non-IETF org.


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