Language for taxonomic names, redux

Kent Karlsson kent.karlsson14 at
Thu Mar 2 20:49:15 CET 2017

Den 2017-03-01 18:00, skrev "Luc Pardon" <lucp at>:

>    As a matter of fact, "homo sapiens" is also in the Dutch "red book"
> official 2005 spelling wordlist). It even lists the plural
> sapientes"). Same for "homo erectus" (homines erecti) and
"homo ludens"
> (homines ludentes).

Hmm. Since these are /names/ of /entire species/ (not individuals), I
don't think it is appropriate to pluralise these names in any language.

So, "We found remains of three [individuals of [the species]]
/Homo erectus/", NOT "We found remains of three /homines erecti/".
(Brackets mean that the part may be omitted, and taken as understood.)

(This nit is of course not relevant for accepting a subtag for such names.)

/Kent K

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