Language for taxonomic names, redux

Kent Karlsson kent.karlsson14 at
Thu Mar 2 12:01:01 CET 2017

Den 2017-03-02 04:15, skrev "Michael Everson" <everson at>:

> Emperor Michael I (pace John Cowan) decrees that ³fears that users of subtags
> won¹t understand how to learn how to spell them² are hereby declared baseless
> fears.

Ok, but you cannot fault a humble servant for trying. ;-)

> prohibited, ³linnæus² is prohibited, ³linneus² is a misspelling, ³taxon² is
> obscure, so it¹s got to be ³linnaeus² or ³linnaean².

I'd actually prefer "linnaean" (an inflection that here fortunately works
out well in English... "linneanskt" (Swedish) is horrible...)

/Kent K

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