Language for taxonomic names, redux

Doug Ewell doug at
Wed Mar 1 23:58:27 CET 2017

Peter Constable wrote:

> How will content authors have any idea which terms to tag "en" versus
> "en-taxon" (assuming subtag "taxon" for sake of discussion) versus
> "la-taxon"?

Kent Karlsson wrote:

> I'd think it is quite clear that the only appropriate prefix is "la",
> no matter where the actual word names are borrowed from (if any...),
> no matter how naturalised a small number of these names have become in
> English, Swedish, French, whatever.

I agree with Kent that "la" should be the only Prefix. If it is unclear
to content creators which primary language subtag they should use, or
perhaps worse, if they are encouraged to repeat the primary language
subtag of surrounding content, the ability to search for content using
the resulting tags would be greatly hampered.

Remember that matching algorithms don't generally honor the variant
subtag and ignore the primary language subtag; it's rather the other way

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