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Wed Mar 1 22:42:22 CET 2017

Den 2017-03-01 22:11, skrev "Michael Everson" <everson at>:

> Nobody spells Carl¹s name as Linneus.

It shouldn't, but happens anyway. Esp. if it is someone not used to write
that name, like, say, a programmer (programming language tag insertion
software)... But also but also people who "should know better".

> There¹s a couple of towns in America

Not what I was referring to.

> that use that spelling, but that's not the scientist¹s name. 

His proper name (after ennoblement) was Carl von Linné. And at that
point even some of his works used the Latinised version "Carolus a Linné".

"På de flesta av hans publikationer använde han den latiniserade
formen Carolus Linnæus (som brukade stå i genitiv, alltså Caroli Linnæi).
Efter att han adlats 1757, tog han namnet Carl von Linné. På några av
publikationerna latiniserades detta i sin tur till Carolus a Linné."

/Kent K

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