Language for taxonomic names, redux

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Wed Mar 1 01:20:39 CET 2017

On Tuesday, 28 February 2017, Luc Pardon <lucp at> wrote:
> On 28-02-17 00:59, Arthur Reutenauer wrote:
>> I feel that some of us here have difficulties
>> understanding how the language tag makes any difference, since you have
>> to provide a styling tag anyway.
>   A separate styling tag is not needed. The css can be hooked to the
> language tag directly, i.e.:
>   .lang(la-taxon) {
>         font-style: italic;
>   }

A more semantic approach would be to use

<i class="taxonomy" lang="la-taxon"></i>

And the the I element can be styled as required by surrounding language.
The I element would be the semamtic html5 to use.

Then css overrides could be used for i.taxonomy to overide italicisation
for scripts, languages or typesetting conventions that do not use an italic
face in this context.


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