Doug Ewell doug at
Sun Jan 8 17:52:45 CET 2017

John Cowan wrote:

> Note to Doug Ewell: "I'll have kakko come kinna it saro" is definitely
> English-matrix even though there are about as many Romany words as
> English ones, and they carry the content (with no Romany and no
> context at all this would be wholly unintelligible), so it's not a
> matter of counting words, but of which language is supplying the bulk
> of the grammar.

In long threads like this, it's easy to get confused by multiple layers 
of bylines and quoted text. I'm certainly not one who has suggested 
counting words, or any other sort of algorithmic means, to distinguish 
between English-matrix Spanglish and Spanish-matrix Spanglish. I don't 
think the user le da una mierda.

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