Michael Everson everson at
Sat Jan 7 18:28:22 CET 2017

I like Peter’s post.

> On 6 Jan 2017, at 21:48, Peter Constable <petercon at> wrote:
> I think it depends on the situation. There will be cases of borrowings without significant bilingualism. E.g., if you travel to (say) China and interact with people that have not studied English, there may yet be some English words that have made their way into common usage that they know.

Or Georgia, or Lithuania, or pretty much anywhere. 

> That would be considered borrowing or loan words; it would not be considered code switching. Code switching assumes there is bilingualism — it's more than just using some load words. 

Quite so. And Spanish with a few loanwords in it is not Spanglish.


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