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Sat Jan 7 17:34:44 CET 2017

Den 2017-01-07 16:21, skrev "Michael Everson" <everson at>:

> I don’t believe that your undefined “hybrid locales” have anything to do with
> the linguistic realities of contact-language. But until you describe it real
> linguistic terms, it’s not got anything to do with Spanglish.

Looking at the current Filipino CLDR locale data, it is actually a
"fil+en+es" mix. Several of the current Indic subcontinent locales are
actually mixed with English (e.g. हर्सपावर (harsapāvara) in the ·ne·
(Nepali) locale data, just to take one example, but the Hindi locale has
an actual translation for that one, so I don't think there is an actual
*need* to use a borrowed word for this one, or several of the other ones
that I don't list here).

I'm not saying that this kind of mix is actually desirable in the locale
data, I would hope not; but I find it especially strange in a "pure
language" locale (as opposed to a "hybrid" locale).

/Kent K

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