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Luc Pardon lucp at
Thu Jan 5 21:10:13 CET 2017

I seem to recall a proposal that, below the "official" part, had a
casual comment to the effect that it is left to the judgment of the
tagger whether to use the "en" or "es" prefix, depending on the
"dominant" language.

I think that remark is important enough to make it into the repository,
as a guideline to users of this tag.


On 04-01-17 21:09, Doug Ewell wrote:
> Here is the record for Michael's proposed 'spanglis' variant.
> I'm posting this as Co-Designated Expert, or what John Cowan would call
> "Official Doug," not necessarily as a proponent of the subtag. My
> personal opinion is that we need more time to evaluate the best solution
> to this problem before anything is registered, either here or in CLDR.
> --
> File-Date: 2017-xx-xx
> %%
> Type: variant
> Subtag: spanglis
> Description: Spanglish
> Prefix: en
> Prefix: es
> Comments: Name given to a variety of contact dialects of English and
>   Spanish
> %%
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