Language for taxonomic names, redux

Arthur Reutenauer arthur.reutenauer at
Fri Feb 24 11:15:08 CET 2017

> What's the problem with having a tag for that taxonomy thing? That's a
> highly specialised language, Latin-derived. And when there'll happen a
> Wikipedia in it, we'll see all sorts of "hello andies".

  There can’t be a Wikipedia in [la-linnaeus], that’s not what has been
discussed.  How would you write any full sentence in it?

  Wikispecies is in English; the binomial names have of course pride of
place, but you do need some language to write “species of the month”,
“some facts on this frog”, and “how about replacing your dog with a
Litoria caerulea?”.  Names of species just don’t cut it.

  (Litoria caerulea actually is the species of the month on Wikispecies
just now.)



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