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No; Germans will very likely say [tsitʀo] and not [ˈsɪtɹoʊ]. That’s not
> just “accent”.

The difference between [ˈwɔːtə] and [ˈwɒɾɚ] is just accent, despite having
only one phone in common.

Splendid, but this does not answer the question. There are surely different
> pronunciations common for these, differing from country to country and
> language to language. What prefix or prefixes would you intend this subtag
> to be used with?

Surely "Prefix: la" is correct, which allows any nationality tag.  In
practice, a nationality tag with "la" of any sort will be used only to tag
speech recordings:  one may *speak* Latin according to the German
pronunciation, but one does not *write* Latin according to the German
pronunciation, one simply writes Latin.  The same is true of every
classical language.

My .sigs are from my large and miscellaneous reading both on and off the
Occasionally I hear one viva voce or make one up (without attribution,
of course).  I try to stay within the McQuary limit, but sometimes fail,
as in this case.  In general, the quotes are chosen at random by a script
from <>, but sometimes I choose one
on purpose.  I've been collecting and using them for 30+ years.
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