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>> I've set out several additional use-cases previously, including:
> ...
>>   * Selection for styling by CSS
> So <span class="bioTaxonomy"> isn't sufficient how?

Sufficient for what? I made no argument that such markup is not
suffcemnt /merely/ for styling; I provided an example of how a
language tag might be sued

> The request for a use case isn't merely asking for hypothetical ways in which a subtag
> might possibly be used, but rather is asking for ways in which it would _likely_ be used.

It would /likely be used in the manner described.
See for eample:

I know several people who already use this technique.

> you have to provide reason to believe that (a) TTS engines for the particular varieties in
> question are likely to be created, and (b) that there is a community of users that would likely
> markup up content so as to take advantage of that.

See the Wikipedia (& sister project) case I gave earlier. I'm quite
sure that my colleagues and friends who maintain taxonomic directories
(at the UK & US National History Museums, BirdGuides, BBC, BTO, RSPB,
and many more) would follow suit. See also the case made by Gregor
Hagedorn in 2008.

Andy Mabbett

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