Language for taxonomic names, redux

Arthur Reutenauer arthur.reutenauer at
Wed Feb 22 16:16:53 CET 2017

>> So you expect only to tag these as la-linnaeus? Not la-DE-linnaeus or
>> la-GB-linnaeus? I wager Citrocirus is [tsɪtʀotsiʀʊs] in German while
>> [sɪtɹosiɹəs] or [sɪtɹosaɪɹəs] in English.
> The accent used by a TTS engine is in the discretion of the user.  I might
> prefer to have a text written in American English read to me by a Scottish
> voice, but it would still properly be tagged "en-us".

  What is then the expected behaviour when there are words tagged as a
different language mid-sentence?  This is one of the issues here.  I
assume the user can set a preference for the accent in the other
language, but if none has been set the software would have no choice but
to revert to some default, which may not help the user at all.



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