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Wed Feb 22 15:44:27 CET 2017

On 22 Feb 2017, at 14:28, Andy Mabbett <andy at> wrote:
> Michael's concern, which I addressed, and indeed refuted, was that “so very few of these names would be found in an ordinary dictionary in any language”.

You posited 1.4 to 1.8 million names and gave four examples where an element matched a word in some European languages. I wouldn’t call that “refutation”, though I took your point. And asked about prefixes. 

> Indeed, as soon as a tag is available, I shall see that it is used in literally hundreds of thousands of English-language Wikipedia articles about taxons, more again in other languages, as well as hundreds of thousands more in Wikispecies, and a even larger number of taxonomic items in Wikidata.

So you expect only to tag these as la-linnaeus? Not la-DE-linnaeus or la-GB-linnaeus? I wager Citrocirus is [tsɪtʀotsiʀʊs] in German while [sɪtɹosiɹəs] or [sɪtɹosaɪɹəs] in English.

Michael Everson

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