Language for taxonomic names, redux

Doug Ewell doug at
Wed Feb 22 00:22:23 CET 2017

Andy Mabbett wrote:

>> Actually, it was considered rather extensively on the list, and
>> Michael made a formal decision in
> There's nothing there that says it is a "formal decision" (I'm not
> doubting you when you say it was; but that's not transparent to
> someone who is - still - new to this process).

Michael Everson is the Language Subtag Reviewer. Any message he sends to
this list that says, in effect, "I approve (or reject) this request" is
as formal as it's going to get.

> I also note that the subject of Michael's email is not the one I
> posted my request under; and was signed as "Everson Typography", not
> "IETF".

The Reviewer makes the decision, not IETF. Actually, IETF has
vanishingly little to do with this process.
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