"Fransin" simplified orthography for French

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Tue Feb 14 03:15:31 CET 2017

Basically, for each language, Wikimedia tries to have only one Wikipedia.
In an attempt to avoid arguments, languages are considered real and
distinct from other languages if they have a separate ISO 639-3 code. I
believe fully that someone told you that Fransin needs a 639-3 code, but I
think you were given unhelpful advice. Fransin won't get an ISO 639-3 code
or its own Wikipedia, because it is an orthography of French, and not its
own language.

If you look at zh.wikipedia.org, you can change your preferences, and
change which dialect the Wikipedia will appear in. For example, when I set
it to zh-Hans, the current main page starts
特色条目: 2009年美国总统就职典礼于1月20日(星期二)举行,贝拉克·奥巴马在典礼中宣誓就任第44任美国总统。这场就
but if I change it to zh-Hant, it starts
特色條目: 2009年美國總統就職典禮於1月20日(星期二)舉行,貝拉克·奧巴馬在典禮中宣誓就任第44任美國總統。這場就
(You can see that the second line sometimes uses more complex characters.)

fr.wikipedia.org could do the same thing, and a tag may help. Alternately,
a number of languages have different orthographies on the same Wikipedia;
the English Wikipedia is a minor example, having American and British
spellings acceptable. In any case, you'd have to convince the people who
work on fr.wikipedia that such a rule or tool is a good or useful thing; I
don't think the tag is the largest hurtle here.

You can download the entire French Wikipedia and host it yourself in
Fransin orthography. That's probably your best start; I doubt Wikipedia is
going to start supporting Fransin without much external usage.

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