Fransin, a simplified phonetic transcription of French, created and managed by the community Web site:

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Mon Feb 13 14:07:57 CET 2017

On 13 Feb 2017, at 12:30, Pierre Paillé <pierre.paille at> wrote:

> In summary: we need a French-language transcription code corresponding to the Fransin ("ffs", "fs", etc.)

You won’t get one. 

ISO 639 codes represent the names of languages. In this case, that’s French. It already has a code. You could get a subtag code orthography code, but since your project is entirely aspirational ("The Fransin transcription will have the particularity of having nearly no writer (except our robot…”) in my judgement it may be a bit too early for that. 

If you want to clone the French Wikipedia and re-spell it, you could do that at Wikia. And you could name it if you wanted. 

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