Registrations from ISO 639-3: Part I

Arthur Reutenauer arthur.reutenauer at
Thu Feb 9 13:18:12 CET 2017

>> This registration tracks a change made to ISO 639-3 effective
>> 2017-01-31, retiring the code element 'rie' for Rien as non-existent.
> I guess Rien ne va plus....

  The name struck me too :-)  The rationale for retiring the code (see is no less

	The name for this purported language apparently came from the
	1954 listing from David Thomas.  Most linguists in Southeast
	Asia have not heard of this language.  The Ethnologue seems to
	be the sole source of information on this group.  Perhaps David
	Thomas confused Rien [rie] with the Eastern Bru [bru] dialect
	called Leun or Leung and listed it as a new language.  More
	likely is the possibility that David Thomas got confused with a
	village name.  The only reference for Rien [rie] in Glottolog
	2.6 is Schliesinger (2003).  However, Schliesinger’s book points
	right back to the 13th edition of the Ethnologue.



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