New article on BCP 47

Doug Ewell doug at
Thu Nov 3 23:16:57 CET 2016

A new article on language tagging and BCP 47 in particular, together
with a C# code library, has been posted to CodeProject:

(The name really does end with "regist" due to a 50-character name limit
at CodeProject.)

I scanned the article, which deals primarily with using BCP 47 to solve
the resource lookup problem (described in RFC 4647, Section 3.4,
although the author doesn't seem to be aware of RFC 4647). The article
is reasonably well-written and generally accurate with regard to BCP 47,
more so than some articles and mailing-list messages I've seen. I
haven't tried out the code yet.

One common misconception was repeated here, that region subtags "must be
2 char country iso code or 3 digits UN-m49 code" instead of saying that
they are strictly limited to what is in the Registry. The author
suggests that '756' (the M.49 code element for Switzerland) should be a
valid region subtag. I've sent a comment to clarify that this is not the

If you are interested, please read this article and offer any comments
to help improve public knowledge about BCP 47. You need a CodeProject
account to download the code library. 
Doug Ewell | Thornton, CO, US |

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