proposed ISO standard for language variations

Yury Tarasievich yury.tarasievich at
Tue May 10 13:37:23 CEST 2016

On 09/05/16 21:13, Peter Constable wrote:
> I believe they want to have a clear model for creating metadata elements or identifiers for all kinds of language variations. Compare that to our current use of variant subtags, which conflates any kinds of distinction _other than_ script or national/super-national regions. If we had requests for hundreds of variant subtags with many having overlapping semantics, we'd have a bit of a mess to sort through.

The concept itself -- a set of generic 'i+1-th 
level' subtags appliable to any 'i-th level' 
subtag -- is appealing.

Hovewer, the implementation would inevitably 
produce a plethora of obscure and hardly usable 
elements, and the application would hit the 
obstacle of 'pure' types almost never existing.

> Without speaking for or against the proposed model, I have had numerous linguistics textbooks that did not present anything like this.

I was thinking about 'any' university-level 
textbook of 'traditional Russian school' of 


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