Subtag registration request: fonnapa

Sascha Brawer sascha at
Wed Jun 8 14:53:39 CEST 2016


1. Name of requester: Sascha Brawer
2. E-mail address of requester: sascha at
3. Record Requested:

Type: variant
Subtag: fonnapa
Description: North American Phonetic Alphabet
Description: Americanist Phonetic Notation

4. Intended meaning of the subtag:

The subtag is intended to represent phonetic transcription
in the North American Phonetic Alphabet, also known as
Americanist Phonetic Notation.

5. Reference to published description of the language (book or

6. Any other relevant information:

OpenType defines a language system tag APPH
for “Phonetic transcription—Americanist conventions”
to enable special typographic treatment in fonts.
Without a corresponding entry in the BCP47 subtag registry,
application programming interfaces based on BCP47 cannot
expose this functionality.
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