request for subtag for Elfdalian

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Mon Feb 29 02:00:08 CET 2016

On 29 Feb 2016, at 00:33, Mats Blakstad <mats.gbproject at> wrote:

> About letter to RA, I'm not sure if it is worth it, as it is not written about any appeal process. I guess, this mostly relay on if you really think this will have very negative implications on data? Could someone explain more about this? If not, maybe the best think is to just register a primary language subtag now, and then depreciate it if RA makes another decision later. The way I read their letter is that it is a temporary rejection, they "look sympathetically" on the application and are open to approve it in the future. However, for the mean time, we need to have a code. It is clearly a language, so it should not be registered as a variant of any other languages.

The RA is staffed by PEOPLE. We need to let them know that there is a genuine need for this code, and that not giving it to us is going to be bad for the language in general due to the introduction of multiple codes for it. They can tell us they don’t care or can’t do anything about it, but in my judgement it is unwise for us to just add a new entity without an appeal. And I don’t care if they have a formal appeals process. They can listen to an argument and respond. 

This hasn’t happened before. 

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