request for subtag for Elfdalian

Arthur Reutenauer arthur.reutenauer at
Thu Feb 18 17:04:32 CET 2016

> - I think the evidence demand of "at least 50 works written in the language
> are held in libraries" is really unfair.

  That's for ISO 639-2, it doesn't apply to -3.

> - One of the most problematic formulations in the rejection is that the RA
> say Övdalian/Elfdalian "*fall under the “roof” of a more dominant
> standardized language that already has a Part 2 code*". I'm tempted to ask
> what kind of "roof" they're talking about.

  They must mean that Standard Swedish is a Dachsprache of Elfdalian
([de] Dach: roof), it's a sociolinguistic concept.  I don't think that's
particularly controversial; whether it warrants rejecting the
application for a primary language code is another matter, of course.



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