Hmong orthographies

Doug Ewell doug at
Wed Dec 28 22:56:34 CET 2016

Michael Everson wrote:

> Both of these are in current use. Both use Pahawh Hmong script. A
> Latin orthography for Hmong is also widely used. Should these requests
> specify the script? It’s ISO 15924 Hmng.

Only if you want usage without the script subtag (like "mww-pahawh2") to
be considered less "suitable" or "appropriate" than "mww-Hmng-pahawh2"
(Section 2.2.5).

Using these variants for Latin-script content would be at least silly,
maybe stupid, and probably not something we need to bother legislating

> There are typos in the Second and Third proposals, where Pahawh is written with two consecutive w’s.

If it is deemed necessary to correct this informative field in the
registration forms, the review period will end one week after the
corrections are posted.

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