Doug Ewell doug at
Mon Dec 19 20:13:23 CET 2016

Mark Davis quoted RFC 6497:

> This document specifies an Extension to BCP 47 that provides subtags
> for specifying the source language or script of transformed content,
> including content that has been transliterated, transcribed, or
> translated, *or in some other way influenced by the source*.  It also
> provides for additional information used for identification.

Seen in the light of "influenced by," I guess I can live with the notion
that Spanglish (and similar hybrids) is a "transformation" of one of the
constituent languages.

It still seems more appropriate to pick a dominant language and tag it
as "influenced by" or "transformed to" other languages, than to start
with "mul-t-" and just build a laundry list of constituent languages.
"Transformation" of any kind implies some sort of directionality: X
transformed into Y.

To that end, I'd suggest a new key for such hybrids (Mark suggested
"c0") as opposed to overloading "m0", which identifies a rule or set of
rules for transforming X into Y. In Spanglish, you have Spanish and
English cohabitating, or English words injected into a Spanish
structure, not selected passages that are initially in Spanish and are
then converted to English.

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