Appeal to ISO 639 RA in support of Elfdalian

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I'm just trying to provide creative solutions out of a stalemate. I don't see why it would really matter what the historic relationship is between items encompassed in a macrolanguage. I'm sure there are similar issues in the existing macrolanguages. 

But I also don't have a pony in this race, so to speak. If Elfdalian is best considered a distinct language, then I think the best thing is have it coded as such in ISO 639-3. I've suggested an option for that, but I won't be the one impacted if that suggestion isn't followed, and I won't be the one impacted if Elfdalian is never coded in ISO 639-3, or never well supported in implementations that expect only 639-1/-2/-3 subtags. If you can come up with other ways to get it coded in 639-3 while avoiding strong opposition from the Swedish agencies, great. If not and you have a difficult time getting the desired result, that will be too bad, but I won't be losing sleep.

So, I think I've done what I can to offer input that might be helpful into this issue. I'll answer specific questions if asked, but otherwise won't continue posting on this thread. I won't offer my name for any communication with the RA on this topic since I am not in any sense an expert on the language varieties in question. But I wish you success.


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> The situation on the internet would be no different than it is today for zh in relation to cmn.

Except that Elfdalian descends from Norse on its own, not via Old Swedish. Middle Swedish, or Modern Swedish. 

Frisian is not a variety of Dutch, though its speakers live in a country dominated by Dutch. 

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