Appeal to ISO 639 RA in support of Elfdalian

Doug Ewell doug at
Mon Apr 25 18:51:17 CEST 2016

Mats Blakstad wrote:

> Will it be possible to include such a private use tag into BCP47? If
> not then I guess the lang attribute will not indicate anything for
> anyone else than those who have knowledge about it?

Private use is private use. Please read RFC 5646, sections 2.2.7 and

> I know it will be valid, but that is something else than included.
> I think you're suggesting a really bad solution for Elfdalian. 

BCP 47 offers many solutions for a situation like this:

1. private-use tags of the form "qlf"
2. private-use tags of the form "x-elfdal"
3. variant subtags
4. registered 5-8 letter subtags (not used yet but possible)

If the only option that will meet your needs is an ISO 639-3 alpha-3
code element, then your only recourse is to submit an appeal or a
revised proposal to the RA.

> Then if the RA is still no ready to assign a language code, then IETF
> should be ready to assign his own language subtag.

Keep in mind that such a subtag would be 5 to 8 letters. You have said
previously that this wouldn't work for you.

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