Appeal to ISO 639 RA in support of Elfdalian

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There is another aspect to all this. The inplicit implication is that any
tools that are based on language tags should treat Elfdalian as part of
Swedish. So things like keyboard layouts, spellxhecking, cldr exemplary
characters, indexable characters should be expected  support both Swedish
and Elfdalian.

Not sure thats what the relevant Swedish government reps want. But it would
be an outcome online with their advice.

At least thats how I read it ... if you want to use eldalian .. treat it as
spanish. Anything that supports "Swedish" should also accomodate Elfdalian.
And by extension Elfdalian localisations can be assigned to the swedisg
language tag.

On Thursday, 21 April 2016, Peter Constable <petercon at> wrote:
> Have you thought of submitting this to the RA not as a direct letter,
which won't be seen by anybody who does frequent this DL, but rather as a
proposal via their existing process — which lots of other people will see?
> That would communicate to a broader audience that this group representing
the Internet and Web user communities, think that the RA's decision — hence
the Swedish governmental agency — are wrong. And it would create an
opportunity for more linguistic experts (most of whom, I assume, would
support the request) to weigh in.
> Peter
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>> The letter is signed by Michael only. Do we want to add our names? In
what form? At least, it should say something like
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