Another attempt at plain language

Tobias Bengfort tobias.bengfort at
Wed Sep 16 06:55:08 CEST 2015

On 15/09/15 02:10, Peter Constable wrote:
>>> Tobias asked for this to be able to indicate that a web page is 
>>> written to comply with W3C accessibility guidelines.
>> I think that making such compliance claims is outside the scope of
>> what we are doing.
> I agree. Language tags should be descriptions of linguistic aspects
> of the content, not assertions of conformance to somebody's content
> guidelines.

I disagree. The subtag would not be used to claim conformance with
accessibility guidelines, but is helpful for meeting the requirements.

The requirement in this case is to either have the content in simple
language or (and this is the important part) to reference a version of
the content in simple language.

Maybe you can compare this to a DOCTYPE in an HTML document. It does not
claim conformance, but is useful information and required for conformance.

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