Another attempt at plain language

Phillips, Addison addison at
Wed Sep 2 19:57:44 CEST 2015

>> 2. "plain" English and "plain" German and "plain" Lavatbura-Lamusong are
>> fundamentally different languages, and variants that work across
>> languages usually require better commonality than this.
> ​I disagree with this part of what you say; having gratuitously different tags 
> that are intended to have basically the same semantics is not a productive policy.​

I think you mean "having gratuitously different *sub*tags..." here? I can imagine an en-plain, de-plain, tlh-plain, (etc.) tag having some kind of utility.

Isn't the described use of 'plain' very similar to the grandfathered tag "i-default"?

I don't currently support the addition of a subtag 'plain' as I'm not sure what the value of the resulting tags would be, given that the language variety in question is more-or-less inherently a matter of private agreement.


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