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If the only requirements are immediate availability and conformance, then "x-simple" will do. Before we go _registering_ a variant subtag, we should be sure that it's something generally useful and is done in a sensible way. I'm not yet convinced that the proposed subtag is generally useful beyond one application. (I'm not predisposed to saying it is _not_, btw.) And I'm definitely not convinced that the approach taken is sensible — I lean toward Felix's concerns in this case.


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On 29 Oct 2015, at 16:27, Felix Sasaki <fsasaki at> wrote:

>>> My point is that each community behind a selected wikipedia language version will likely say: we want our own language (subtag) identifier. 
>> I don’t see why you make this assumption.
> This comes from experience with the accessibility community who are keen on not trying to provide machine readable identifiers for simple languages. See the recent related subtag discussion on this list. The accessibility community has good reasons for avoiding such identifiers due to the variety of simple languages; with this background, I think defining a general wpsimple sub tag is a bad idea or at least should make sure that the accessibility community has been heard. In my impression after all they provide a lot of content creators in the simple language realm, may they edit in wikipedia or in other contexts.

Well, the Wikimedia Foundation Language Committee does have immediate needs for a conformant subtag, and “wpsimple” is intended to mean only the variety of simple language or languages which conform to the guidelines for simplification used on Wikimedia’s projects. 

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