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I think I agree with Felix on this. In both your examples, "en-fonipa" and "fr-fonipa", "fonipa" denotes one thing. In "en-wpsimple" and "fr-wpsimple", the "wpsimple" subtag would be denoting very different things. 


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On 28 Oct 2015, at 16:53, Felix Sasaki <fsasaki at> wrote:

> Assume somebody creates a simple French wikipedia. The new variant then would be:
> Type:   variant
> Subtag: wpsimplefr
> Description: Wikipedia Simple French
> Prefix: fr
> Since there is no relation between simple english and simple french. 
> So we would have wbsimple, denoting simple English wbsimplefr, 
> denoting simple French

I don’t think so. We have fonipa, for instance and en-fonipa and fr-fonipa are certainly valid. 

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