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Fri Oct 30 06:54:14 CET 2015

I don't think it's appropriate to create a generic variant subtag scoped to one application. If we do this, then if people come along and asking for "wordsimple", "sirisimple", "cortanasimple", etc., those would have equal justification. 

We should have variant subtags that refer to a particular variety. I don't mind if that variety happens to be one associated with a particular organization or application, so long as it has potential utility beyond that organization or application.


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> Michael Everson wrote:
>> Perhaps this can be finessed. Either we say “Wikipedia Simple 
>> Language Version” with en as the prefix adding fr or de or ru later, 
>> or to keep “Wikipedia Simple English” and add “Wikipedia Simple 
>> French” etc later at need.
> I mean, I'm not complaining or anything, but gosh, you've been so adamant in the past against variants that can apply to different languages without meaning precisely the same thing, that this does come as a surprise.

This would be governed by the set of special rules held by the Wikimedia foundation for such projects. As such it could be considered a house style (cf. oxendict) applied multilingually. 

> Simple English and français fondamental would certainly be different in the details. They'd be quite similar in intent, of course, but the same could have been said for Early Modern English and Early New High German.

Yes; this is for functionality though, in addition to simple identification. 

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