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Doug Ewell doug at
Tue Oct 13 16:55:55 CEST 2015

I really like Markus's suggestion: 'newfound'.

I think it's unlikely that anyone will confuse this with the generic
English meaning of the word "newfound," as in "recently discovered."

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Subject: Re: Language Subtag Registration
From: Michael Everson <everson at>
Date: Tue, October 13, 2015 7:14 am
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> On 13 Oct 2015, at 00:06, Peter Constable <petercon at> wrote:
> The conventional abbreviation is "NFLD”,

Yes, I know.

> which is what was originally proposed but is too short.

Yes, I know. 

Given “nfld" I don’t think that “nfl[n]d" is much clearer. I think
n[ew]fld or n[ew]f[nd]ld would be a better, newfndld being quite
unambiguous. What do you think?

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