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Kent Karlsson kent.karlsson14 at
Fri Nov 27 00:42:55 CET 2015

Den 2015-11-26 23:32, skrev "Shawn Steele" <Shawn.Steele at>:

> I'd prefer the en-simple meaning a generic simplified English. Wikipedia could
> choose their variant, Voice of America could choose another.  It's unlikely
> that we need to be particularly granular when talking about varieties of
> simplified English as most sites are going to only provide one simplified form
> (if any).

VoA has *three* levels of "Learning English" (as they call it).
See I'm not sure which
CEFR levels they correspond to, and as yet have not been able
to find any description of the VoA levels, let alone a mapping.
(I'm sure an approximate mapping can be found, by someone familiar
with both systems.)

I've seen other (news) sites using multiple levels of "simple language",
e.g., which also has three levels.

/Kent K

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