Change "Bengali" language name to "Bangla"

John Cowan cowan at
Mon Nov 23 17:01:32 CET 2015

Mats Blakstad scripsit:

> Is it possible to change the language name of Bengali within IANA language
> tag registry? Or does it need to be changed within ISO 639-3 first?

To replace Bengali, it would be necessary to convince the ISO 639-3
RA, namely SIL.  That would probably require a showing that "Bengali"
is either disused, or has become an offensive name to Bangla-speakers.
To add as an alternate name would be within our discretion, but Michael
makes a good argument: when do we stop?


For the benefit of ietf-languages folks, I note that the iso-codes package
(which derives directly from the LSR) has now introduced a notion of
"common name" of something as well as "official name", which resolves
the immediate problem.  This is used to make "Taiwan" the common name
of what is officially "Taiwan, Province of China".

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