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> Peter Constable scripsit:
> > I really think we should register a variant subtag in this case if
> > it can be described as a specific variant of a particular language
> > without reference to any single application, and if that’s a variant
> > that has potential use beyond a single application.
> In this context, "Wikipedia" is not an application, but a set of
> standards.  "wpsimple" means "simple according to the definitions put
> forward by the Wikimedia Foundation".  If you write English or French
> or Igbo according to those standards in any context, you are entitled
> to tag it "wpsimple"; it is not specific to the Wikipedia application.
> That said, I agree that this tag is over-specific, and "simple" would
> be a more useful tag generally.
O.k. but would not it be best to then register a second variant -- /wpsimple/  -- with the prefix /simple/?

Will everyone use /wpsimple/ if it is the only subtag available for simplified language? If so then at that point when it happens a more generic subtag should be registered, yes. I don't know when the generic subtag needs to be registered, so I am not expressing a view on that. 

(In either case I personally prefer the subtag name /wiksimpl/ -- I think its meaning is clearer than /wpsimple/)


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