gc-ao1990 request - Galician Wikipedia

Luc Pardon lucp at skopos.be
Thu May 28 12:24:51 CEST 2015

On 23-05-15 21:10, Michael Everson wrote:
> Luc,
> Could you try re-writing that less aggressively?
> Thanks.
> Michael Everson * http://www.evertype.com/

It could try but I won't. Three reasons.

1. We obviously have different ideas on the meaning of "aggressive".
Your previous message (the one I replied to) seemed pretty aggressive to
me (I don't like to have orders barked at me) but you don't seem to have
a problem with that. So I could try recycling one of your one-liners as
"Michael, why not go off and implement BCP47 and come back when actual
problems are found?" but somehow I doubt that would help.

2. Rewriting would only change the packaging. The core content of the
message would remain the same, i.e. "you are using dual standards". You
cannot have missed that message. Also, I backed it up with some
examples, so if I am mistaken, you could have told me why and I'd have
apologized. Instead you ask me to re-package, but if you don't like the
content, no amount of sugar coating is going to help.

By the way: please don't get me wrong. I am not criticizing the way the
Oxford spelling was handled. I fully agree with that. Other requests
should be treated the same.

3. Repeating my position would not contribute anything to the debate.
You assume that I don't have any personal interest but - even if it were
true - that is not a "significant objection raised on the list" of the
kind that would prevent my request from being accepted. So it would have
been okay if I hadn't bothered to address your comment at all. Yet I
did, and my reply is in the archives if anyone wants to see it. That
will do.

Luc Pardon

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