Side note: "the people at IANA" (was: Re: Current requests)

Luc Pardon lucp at
Sat May 23 17:55:30 CEST 2015

On 22-05-15 22:50, Doug Ewell wrote:
> Because BCP 47 allows:
> 1. private-use subtags (so one could always write "gl-x-anything"), and

   Yes, but that doesn't tell screen reader software how to speak it.

   If you think about it, an "-x-" language tag on a public website is
an open invitation to accessibility lawyers.

> 2. the ability to use variants with a non-suggested Prefix,
> conformantly,

   Yes, its use would be allowed, even after this list has turned down a
request because we deem the language variant to be tagged "unworthy" for
a mention in Our Registry.

   But insulting people is an open invitation for trouble. And it is not
nice anyway.

> I don't think anyone has standing to initiate legal action against
> anyone here.

  That's probably because you think like a reasonable, nice and
considerate person, not like a lawyer.

  I realize that the above sentence is probably an open invitation for a
debate on "polar versus contradictory negations and the nature of
lawyers", but I propose to move that over to the ietf-x-languages list.
And no, I won't come along.

  Luc Pardon

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