Side note: "the people at IANA" (was: Re: Current requests)

Doug Ewell doug at
Wed May 20 20:50:15 CEST 2015

Luc Pardon wrote:

> If IANA rejects gl-ao1990, it actually says "writing Galician in a
> Portuguese orthography is NOT RECOMMENDED" (BCP 4.7 3.1.8 negated) and
> "in our view, this practice it too insignificant to draw attention to
> it".
> I can't see how the people at IANA would think that a good idea.

I think I know what you mean, but just in case...

"The people at IANA" don't care about something like this. That's not
their job. They are the official record-keepers, the escrow agent if you
will, of the Registry. Their role is to make the Registry and
registration forms generally available at a well-known and stable
location, and to accept well-formed records and registration forms and
make the appropriate changes to the Registry and post a fresh copy. If
we want to register, or not register, a particular change, that's
entirely up to us as far as IANA is concerned, so long as the jots and
tittles are in order.

I realize that IANA maintains some registries where they have a
technical role to play in approving entries, but this isn't one of them.

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