Third correction to 'ao1990' : Prefix field - addition of 'gl'

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>Hopefully that was clear...

You really lost me in the penultimate sentence, "Currently we have only..." Forms. Records. Proposed records. 

Is there a requested change to the LST registry that you deem now to be formally in review? If so, please clarify what it does or not include β€” preferably without using "second" or "third".


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Luc's "second correction" is to replace the three region-specific Prefix fields in 'ao1990' with a single one ("pt"); his "third correction" is to add another Prefix field ("gl").

Because Luc's "third correction" includes a proposed record that incorporates his "second correction," we can use that record for both proposals as long as both of the proposed changes are considered together.

If there is a decision to approve only one of the two proposals, or if such a decision is anticipated, then we will need a separate record and registration form for just that one change. There could be delays in the process if this is the case and the forms are not posted. Currently we have only the registration form for the "second correction," not a proposed record, and no forms at all for the third without the second.

Hopefully that was clear to all.

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