Second correction to 'ao1990' : Prefix field - widening to 'pt'

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Fri May 15 19:56:45 CEST 2015

I'm really confused now. The Portuguese subtags were registered a few days ago.

I understand that Andrew would prefer that the tags be registered first, with less-than-ideal prefixes, and then go back and reopen the debate over the Prefix field. That is actually the opposite of what I said, though it is a valid point.

I guess my objection is to calling these changes "corrections" when they were at the heart of the lengthy debate we had, and the Prefix fields that were finally registered were explicitly the ones Michael wanted.

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On 15 May 2015, at 18:10, Andrew Glass (WINDOWS) <Andrew.Glass at> wrote:

> I would have preferred "Prefix: pt", however, for my purposes, I can live with the current solution. Getting the tag registered in a timely way is a higher priority for me at this point than the precise form of the prefix. Therefore, I'd prefer to follow Doug's suggestion and allow the registration to proceed as is before opening up the debate over the prefix once more.

I concur. 

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